Battle Stations - High Tech Martial Arts Trainer

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Joe Tackett is the inventor and U.S. Patent holder of the Battle Stations concept and has been developing it since 2007.

Production is expected to begin in July, 2012.

Battle Stations is an Aerobics-based, computer automated, Martial Arts training device.

Please see the illustrations before proceeding.

Users will be shown the proper way to execute Martial Arts techniques (from our DVD, manual and company web site) and choose from an ever increasing library of skill levels in our programmed workout routines.

It can be used as a stand alone unit for private/home use, or several units may be linked together for public use in Martial Arts clubs, Fitness clubs, Military training, Law Enforcement training, Arcades, etc.

When linking several units together, it is possible to assign several (or all) as a unison group (for organized classes) and leave others to run individually.

The device has a hard plastic base, and a soft PVC plastic inflated air bag.

The soft air bag is used in order to prevent joint and bone damage from prolonged use (as opposed to heavy punching bags.

The software will run on all popular platforms (PC, MAC, Ipod, etc.) either wirelessly or with a direct connector.

The units will ship with fifteen on-board workout routines for users to choose from, and additional routines may be purchased from our web site.

Users will set up their own accounts, and the targeting in the software will adjust to their height (great for family use.)

Detailed reports of the users reaction time, accuracy and power will be given for each workout session, and also track the user's progress over time.

Users will be able to keep their software and routines on portable memory devices and take them to Haelth Clubs, Martial Arts clubs, Hotels, etc.

Benefits: Martial Artists will be able to improve their techniques by making variations and getting immediate feed back.

Computer gamers will exercise their minds AND bodies.

Fitness & Martial Arts clubs can have group/individual training simultaneously (all units can run on wireless headphones.)

By employing the coordination of sound, light and specific targets to strike with specific techniques (hands, feet, elbows, knees) this device is also useful for therapuetic brain injury rehabilitation.

Target markets include: Military - Law Enforcement - Health Clubs - Martial Arts Clubs - Home Use - Hotels - Arcades - Night Clubs.

Users may also uplaod their scores to our web site, creating World-Wide competition.

Competing products: Wii and Xbox users. All home exercise devices. Billy Blanks' "Tae Bo" videos.

Fun - Healthy - Self Defense - Competitive (if desired) - New Routines always available - Portable.

Estimated cost: $400 - $600

I am currently working with eleven individuals/companies that will take part in bringing Battle Stations to market.

We will also prominently stress that the spirit and use of Martial Arts should be used on people, only as a last resort to protect yourself from harm.




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    Joe Tackett
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    Musician/Martial Artist/Sound Recording Engineer
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    Google 3-D
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    Music Composer - Aerobic Kick Boxing - Sales Exec
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    The desire to stay fit with a home exercise system that is fun, challenging, never boring, tracks my results & progress, portable (via portable memory devices) to use on other compatible hardware units at Fitness Clubs, Martial Arts Studios, Hotels, etc., will allow me to compete with other users (via the web) on a world-Wide basis, and offers a continuous flow of new workout sessions via the company's E-Commerce web site.
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