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Woobie is a smart combination of a seat, rocking-chair and a table. Wobbie is made of two parts, resembling the shape of a jing and a jang.

The two parts can be used either separatelly or they can be connected by straps into a cylinder. As a cylinder, Woobie can be used either as a seat or as a table. When the two parts are separated, they can be used either as two rocking chairs, two seats (thanks to the support leg that is hidden inside the back of each chair) or as two small tables. When you turn one of the parts upside down, it can also be used as a footstool.

Woobie is designed for large areas such as museums, libraries, schools etc. It can also be made in different colours and of different materials based on the environment where it will be used. The basic material used is imitation leather. Woobie is designed for person of every age.


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    Lenka Andrasova
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