Bugless Outdoor Security Light

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Introduces a new era of designer fixtures, where designer has a more productive meaning, where value is measured in performance of task and that translates to social and economic benefits not always exhibited by design for artistic reason. Bugless fixture is an example for all designers who strive for greatest form for function in today's changing lighting marketplace.

Bugless describes the design perfectly. Outdoor specific where bugs proliferate and temperature and humidity range in the extreme to adversely effect electrical components the most. Security is the goal and social stimulus to leave the lights on through out the nite affecting fossil fuel consumption, utility costs and maintenance expense.

Bugless addresses all design challenges by utilizing precision light spectrum design, and 80% greater electricity efficiency with a LED luminaire in a fixture that limits to only nite lighting, actively compensates temperature and humidity extremes, and trumps its bug reducing capabilities with rechargeable chemical repellant dissipation.

Bugless replaces the common bug light bulbs with truly bug less performance, combined with 5 watts of power consumption versus 60-100watts commonly employed and providing a CRI and brightness that actually allows clear vision in entryway applications. These extraordinary benefits are game changing alone but combined with active chemical repellant dispersion the market application of LEDs for this purpose will drive more widespread use in outdoor applications where they are most effective.This market is huge and is in dire need of consumer driven stimulation. Bug reduction is an important reason especially in areas near lakes, rivers and moisture locals where bugs rapidly multiply.

Bugless works by eliminating the wavelength of visible and invisible light that attracts most bugs. Not all LEDs will do this. Bugless bulbs have smd chips with phosphor potting designed to produce a bug stealthy high CRI warm white light. Unlike bug lights that block some of the bug attractive wavelengths with a yellow coating that renders a poor quality light for humans, bugless emits a better light at a fraction of the electricity cost and lots less bug attraction.

The fixture is made of polycarbonate plastic, lightweight, durable and web attachment resistant. Fitted with a dusk to dawn sensor and relay designed to operate daily on only at night. Low cost internal components provide adequate thermal transfer for qualification to its specified bulb, as well as active moisture desiccation to protect the sensitive electronics of led luminaries. A special rechargeable fiber gasket houses chemical spider repellant time release granules to further enhance bug less qualities and reduce maintenance costs of web and nest clean up.

The fixture is made and can be adapted to common outdoor fixture molds of common products on the market today. The application of a led bulb will certainly add significant cost over these common fixtures, but the electricity saving would quickly offset this cost and any initial introduction costs applied to the MSRP. There is a YouTube and Vimeo video showing features and lighting comparisons.

Video @http://gallery.me.com/hybridhomes/100351



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