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Big FootTM is a totally new vacuum cleaner nozzle in concept and appearance. It attaches with the standard one and one-quarter inch tapered fitting. It is designed specifically to clean non-porous floors, such as wood, linoleum, concrete, paver bricks, etc. Its valve can reduce the airflow for cleaning thin mats and some carpets. It cleans better and much faster than other nozzles. Being transparent and movable in all four directions turns all vacuum cleaners into professional quality tools. It cleans under beds and shelves as low as 2.5 inches.

Its patent USP 6,105,207 includes the momentum equations of fluid flow and it is apparently the first vacuum cleaner nozzle to do this; theoretically it should be the best and fastest design possible. I have found none better. Unlike other nozzles, this design uses the full air horsepower available; by eliminating choked flow around the edges, all energy is converted to a sweeping velocity along the floor-- not sucking on the floor. It cleans paving-bricks, floors and surfaces others cannot. The diluter valve allows the user to control the flow for use on floppy rubber mats and fluffy carpet. It looks nearly flat, but the fluid flow equations shape the bottom as a parabola like a cross section of rocket nozzles; this is a half nozzle until it is on the floor. Unlike other nozzles the air velocity is kept constant until it nears the center where the flow reaches its full velocity; the model shown measures 10 X 10 X 2.2 inches for the standard 1.25-inch hose model and has proven the most versatile size.

Videos are available showing Big FootTM in operation, and in competition with a standard nozzle.

This patent and CAD program are available for license or sale. A consumer model milled from polycarbonate is available for infomercials and proves the cad-cam program is ready to make production injection molds. For special uses like street sweepers, the digital drawing can be scaled up or down easily, minimizing research and development. Simple revisions to the design’s program can tailor: mass flow rate, width, stand-off -height, velocity at the edges, and central pickup velocity, hose diameter, etc.

Contact: Janal Products, A. F. Muller, Houston, TX, phone 281-480-4461,cell 281-639-1031, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. April 2, 2012


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