Environment That Helps to Facilitate Adaptation of Pet Puppies into Their Human Home

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Pup-Pen was created primarily to enhance the process of social assimilation of a new puppy with its human family and into the home environment.

Pup-Pen primarily achieves this with its unique upward moving flexible gate that allows the owner to adjust the gate’s height, as needed, so it will safely contain the puppy as it continues to grow, yet allow the puppy to have uninhibited visual access to activities around it. This feature is also valuable for protecting furniture and other household items during the puppy’s teething process. The gate also provides quick and easy human access to the confined puppy for social interaction, i.e. petting, direct verbal contact, the installation or withdraw of food, water, toys, etc., while effecting the control that is also needed for the housebreaking process. The puppy can be readily lifted out of the Pup-Pen for broader social contact. The gate can be also be lowered, allowing the puppy to have temporary access outside the Pup-Pen and then return to it for rest.

Pup-Pen also comes with a top that is both removable and height adjustable. The top accepts an accessory fabric cover that helps convert it into a dark birthing “den’ that pregnant mother dogs like. The top can be quickly removed if the mother or puppies need help during the birthing process. Once the litter is born, the upwardly adjustable gate will contain the growing puppies as it allows the mother access in and out to feed and clean them. It also provides her the option to temporarily leave Pup-Pen for her own personal needs and continued social interaction with her human family.

Additional features of Pup-Pen are these:

While Pup-Pen was primarily designed for use with dogs, it also functions as an ideal home for other popular pets like ferrets, rabbits, etc.

Unlike other pet enclosures, the wire walls of Pup-Pen are more densely configured at their bottom to better contain very small puppies and other small animals, while reducing the potential risk of getting their heads accidentally caught in an opening.

Pup-Pen’s soft rounded corners are more visually attractive than the typical 90 degree sharp pet enclosure corners.

The removable top allows owners much better social interaction with their pets and eases access for changing internal items and the cleaning process.

All materials and manufacturing processes are within the scope of established procedures, though some are currently more closely related to other kinds of consumer products.

As the new puppy matures, Pup-Pen will ultimately become its personal “home” within their human environment.

From a marketing viewpoint, Pup-Pen is a unique and valuable new product line, i.e. the Pup-Pen and its accessories further contribute to a market that is proven to be much less vulnerable to economic downturns and should become an ongoing good seller to all those people who love their pets.


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