Suitcase "I-pple"

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In the current context of everyday electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets, we encounter the problem of insufficient duration of the battery for extended use of the device due to current urban man is more dependent on electronic communications such as checking e-mail, bills, currency, leisure, or social networks. Generally,the maximum use of these devices continuously is from 3 to 4 hours, so in working hours, which is away from home while traveling to and from work, is unable to recharge the device to the mains during the day. It also adds the problem that people who travel long distances to work have to carry everything they need in their suitcase to spend all day outside the home.

The suitcase "I-pple" is a lightweight carbon fiber briefcase with a modern design, so we reduce the weight of baggage to carry resistant and able to carry our documents and devices inside.

The added value also of the modern design is that it allows us to have a source of battery power of your smart phone because it incorporates two solar cells that store electricity captured from sunlight to a capacitor-battery and we can use it to recharge our mobile devices when they need it, simply by plugging the charging cable into a plug located on the top of the suitcase. We can also recharge while we have the case directly facing the light source. All this without losing the transport of documents or other tools.

In the market there are some types of briefcases similar but rigid form of backpacks, which do not permit objects such as documents carefully inside. The design "I-pple" is aimed at a professional sector junior or senior executive.The design is made from carbon fiber, except the handle.This material is excellent in strength to weight ratio. Solar panels are located in front of the case and designed to maximize vertical surface light-harvesting. The design of the front of the case is of concave shape and in its central portion has a spherical protrusion that also has an aesthetic function of reflecting light toward the cells.

On the top edge of the suitcase we find a tab where flexible plastic plugs hide to recharge electronic devices.

Finally, the handle, made of rugged white plastic, has a progressive series of LED indicators on the level of battery charge.

The body of the suitcase "I-pple" is manufactured in carbon fiber textile reinforced with epoxy. It is easily constructible by molds, but making the mold is quite expensive.Then require the installation of the solar panels with the electric circuit system and the LED indicator lights in the handle. The final cost may be high, but it is a consumer product focused on a sector with a high technological needs and knows how to evaluate the design and functionality.

"I-pple" is an attempt to solve the energy deficiencies of current mobile devices' increasingly widespread use, helping to reduce dependence on the conventional electricity grid, thereby saving money and the use of clean natural resource that offers sunlight.


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