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We have a new mechanical and electronic design approach to bring large-format touch computing and home touch tables within reach of ordinary developers and consumers. Our development of Playsurface started by assembling the best open-source optical touch table plans available, and we intend to create a hackable, multi-use, blazingly fast touch computing platform for gaming, music, browsing, device control, and other applications. The goal is to enable cutting-edge performance at a price point that makes buying a touch table similar to many consumer home computer purchases.


Playsurface addresses touch table design from both mechanical and electronic design trajectories, and includes:

- A new, application-specific closed-loop digital image processing module to provide touch detection and tracking functions apart from the gaming/application computer

- An open-hardware cabinet and surface design developed for cost optimization and flat-pack shipping

- A USB interface standard and driver that reduces implementation of the touch table to the same level as plugging in monitor and mouse peripherals
Once the development work is done, we will ship you a complete touch table and all of the open-source driver and demo programs needed to get you going right away. With Playsurface, if you can put together Ikea furniture and plug in a new monitor, you can have an incredible touch table.

See our kickstarter of this project here:


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