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CatherinaS presents autonomous indoor lighting that utilizes recent advances in LED technology. This luminaire is designed to be used as a compact light source with high efficiency, long life time and smart autonomous behavior. Due to its compact size, almost any design idea can be accommodated and realized. With the implementation of a highly sensitive PIR detector, CatherinaS behaves autonomously. Luminaire electronics distinguish between day and night, meaning the user can precisely select the threshold value for minimal ambient light (the point when you need artificial illumination). If the ambient light is below this threshold level (getting dark) and movement is detected, light is continuously increased and switched on. After approximately 45 seconds, when there is no movement, it is slowly faded-out and finally switched off. Thanks to advanced LED technology, CatherinaS offers almost homogeneous lighting over the whole projection area with minimal power requirements and life expectancy above 50k hours.

CatherinaS could save more than 50% on electricity consumption compared to halogen and fluorescent light sources and is environmental friendly (no mercury content, and compliance with RoHS directives). CatherinaS requires NO maintenance other than normal dusting/cleaning during the entire product life. Benefits of this solution are:

- Functions automatically, no switches, plug it in and let it work without touching any switch, automate tedious tasks and thus improve quality of life
- Efficient, Low power consumption, uses less than 50% of the electricity when compared to halogen or incandescent lighting
- Long life over 10 years of regular home use
- High resolution intensity control with flickering elimination (invisible even to a video camera)
- Built-in microcontroller with dimming function, smooth fade-in, fade-out with gamma correction for visual comfort
- Intensity adjustment offers 250 levels with,
- Novel SmartAmbient function simplifying ambient threshold adjustment
- Easy installation, using 3M adhesive tapes with all necessary accessories included.

Summary: CatherinaS improves quality of life, user is getting illumination when needed without touching any switch. It can be used in each home, thus offering high marketing potential introducing high quality product at moderate costs. According to our knowledge this is the first such solution introduced to the market.

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