Frost Fire

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Instant Cooling (Fast Freeze) & Instant Heating (Microwave) in one convenient attractive embodiment as a small home appliance. Insert a wine bottle, soda/beer cans and press a button. Cools in 3 minutes or less from room to refrigerated temperature. For different variety of wines different temperature settings can be done. Saves plenty of energy. Reason? When we drink a cold can of beer or soda, we need the cold temperature for the duration of consumption. Then there is no need to 'maintain' the cool temperature for days and weeks in keeping them in the refrigerator. The compressor has to 'kick-in' periodically to keep them cool. Waste of energy. So as making a bucket full of Ice to bury the wine bottle. Using Fast Freeze section of Frost Fire, one can store the soda/beer/wines at room temperature. When ready to drink then just 'pop-in' in the device and press an appropriate button. Of course, every body knows instant heating that is using microwave oven.

Fast Freeze can be made as a stand alone device without adjoining microwave, if so desired. Truly a 21st century device.

How the almost instant cooling is achieved ?

The trick is make each molecule in the liquid move and touch a cold medium. This is achieved in creating freezing solution (95% water + 5% Food Grade Anti freeze) via Thermoelectric Chips or Mini Compressor. The solution is stored in a super insulated container. A thermostat regulates the temperature after each use. Two parallel stainless steel rods are attached to this container just below the cold solution. They are rotated by small DC Motor. Up to 3 Cans of Sod or Beer or one bottle of wine is laid on the parallel bars. Cans or bottle bottom surface is touching the cold solution to a depth of about one half of an inch. When the can/bottle rotates then the molecules of the liquid will move and touch the cold solution. This process also mixes the molecules thereby making entire cans or bottles cold in 3 minutes. Electronic PC board controller regulates the duration of rotation and other variables.


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