Turbo Tone

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Turbo Tone®
A patented sound diffuser made for anyone using a 10" or 12" speaker to amplify a musical instrument. Designed to handle the frequencies between 7khz and 10khz at +90db levels. The device is placed centered directly in front of the speaker on the outside of the speaker's cabinet. A speaker's directional sound projection has been a problem since its conception. This product solves this problem simply and easily.

Works on virtually any amplifier, it allows you to hear what the speaker really sounds like by harnessing the louder, harsher tones and blending them with the more subtle ones, then distributes them evenly in a 360 degree pattern. Picture the sound coming from a speaker like water coming out of a fire hose. Whoever is in front of it is going to be saturated with ear damaging frequencies at unhealthy levels, while anyone off to the sides will hear very little. With this product in place anyone near the speaker will hear the same blended sound no matter where they are standing, even if they are behind a cement pillar.

1.Diffuses a speaker's sound evenly in all directions
2.Maintains the tonal quality of the sound around any obstructions
3.Does not change the physical characteristics of the speaker
4.Easy to install and remove without any tools
5 Works on any combo amp or speaker cabinet

12" diameter
3.5" depth
1.5" aperture design to capture 7000Hz to 10,000Hz frequencies
3/8" thick polyurethane clear plastic
3/4" thick acrylic rod legs (x4)
weight: 1.7 lbs


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