Sour Breast Milk?

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BabyDot™ is a simple label that changes color when breast milk spoilage is expected to occur.

Moms want to keep the food that they give their babies safe. Breast milk only lasts for about 6 days in the regrigerator and only 6 hours at room temperature. Before BabyDot™, in order to figure out how old stored breast milk was, mothers had to record dates on a calendar or container or 3x5 card. Until BabyDot™ there was no easy way for moms to figure out when their breast milk had spoiled. This is complicated and confusing for moms, dads, partners, grandparents, babysitters, daycare and other caregivers.

The BabyDot™ label – which is in the shape of a dot – changes color when stored breast milk is no longer safe for infants to drink. Expiration times will depend on the temperature at which the breast milk is stored.

BabyDot™ is the only product that expires at the same rate as the milk spoils. So in the regrigerator it turns color in about 6 days and at room temperatue it turns color in about 6 hours. Mom's jus peel it off of a roll and stick to the container of milk....and BabyDot™ does the rest.

The technology is electro-chemical in nature using aluminum and copper as the two dissimilar metals. This technology has 8 U.S. Patents already issued.

BabyDot™ keeps track of what temperature the milk is at and integrates time and temperature automatically.

BabyDot™ only cost a few cents each and Mom's can buy it in 50 unit packs.



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