Better Rogaine Dispenser

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If you have explored Rogaine then you're very aware of two very important aspects associated with its use. The first aspect is that it really causes hair to regrow (at least for most men), and the second aspect is that it is relatively expensive. The first aspect could be expected to make one over look the second aspect were it not for the applicators tendency to waste a significant portion of an expensive substance. When Rogaine was first introduced the method of application was a simple eye dropper which was dangled precariously above the "Void" and squeezed. Some of the liquid could be expected to remain in the general vicinity of the bald spot but in reality most would end up running down your neck. This was a major drawback and prompted the development of the second method of application, the foam dispenser. The foam dispenser solved the problem with "run off", however, it also required users to get Rogaine on their hands which must be promptly washed off. And while the amount of foam that ends up on the hands may be as little as 5-10% of the initially dispensed amount it is still 5-10% wasted product. This quickly adds up when you consider how expensive Rogaine is.

As a young man I remember using a special dispenser for applying shoe polish. This type of applicator is still popular today. It involves a sponge-like material, used as an applicator, permanently mounted on the top (the opening), of the container of polish. The container is inverted or otherwise oriented such that the liquid inside is allowed to soak the sponge-like applicator. Once the sponge-like applicator is sufficiently soaked with liquid the applicator can then be brought into contact with the target surface. There is no dripping, no run off and subsequently, no waste. There is no aiming guesswork as with the eye dropper and no mess on your hands as with the foam dispenser. Clean, quick and efficient with no mess. Whats not to like?


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