Depth Perception Using Color and B&W

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During years of experimenting with 3D photography I discovered that 2 full color photos are not necessary to gain a full color 3D photo.

One photo in color, the other in black and white. Combining the two result in a full color 3D image.

The additional benefit gained is a 3D color combination with more natural colors. Many of the colors are oversaturated, but with B/W added the colors are more subdued and therefore more natural.

For CCDs and similar, only one needs to be a color chip, the other will have only a b&w sensor. This combination should also sharpen the 3D image.


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    Karl Smarsch
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    Always seeing opprtunities to design aircraft. Reducing wing span, but a large area for solar cells, Instead of huge wing spans and narrow wing with solar cells, as currently featured. Had the idea 30 years ago. Passenger carrying, and useful for missions on Mars, instead of mini-helicopters?
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