Waste Bin, Transportable and Re-sealable

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I present the bin for municipal solid waste intended for cities with narrow streets (for example: Venice) where it is not possible to get close to the truck or boat. Have you ever thought to the difficulties encountered by operators during the ecological urban solid waste collection in a city like Venice? Arrive by boat as close as possible, go with the basket on wheels, pushing it along the narrow streets, collecting the trash bags left on the ground (near each door of the House). This container eliminates the bags on the ground (may be concentrated in some areas), it is closed if it is not used, opens while you fill (up to 200 litres each), the transport is facilitated by the use of a trolley conveyor, for the drain can be hooked and tipped over. With this system the ecological worker working in security and increases its productivity. You can provide two, three, four waste bins close together dedicated to paper, glass, plastic, special waste, etc. The waste bin consists of a moulded rear sheet supports three vertical walls of metal (or plastic) sliding between them and a lower bottom falls while the walls, flowing between them, open. Has a floor that is hooked and unhooked manually (with key lock managed by the operator). The waste bin is moved with a trolley conveyor to carry up near to the truck or boat. The construction of the waste bin, the support and the trolley conveyor is simple because parts are made of standard materials (steel or plastic plates) welded and bolted. On the walls of the waste bin you can print or apply any advertising or messages to citizenship. Is economical, lightweight, waterproof, safe and space-saving.


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    Alessandro Oltremonti
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    Screeners, vibrating separators, flows in pipes, vibration isolation,
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    bricolage, swimming, jogging, tennis
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    simplicity of construction, low production cost, reliability, safety, ease of maintenance, environmental sustainability
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