Intelligent Flashlight System

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This invention refers to a Flashlight and a Holster being a system that senses the conditions of use for the Flashlight and regulates the lighting modes in which such Flashlight will turn on.

The system comprises a Holster with two Magnets located inside and a Flashlight with a Coil and a circuitry that senses the Flashlight movement through the Holster. Circuit built inside the Flashlight measures both the intensity and the direction of the induced magnetic field produced by the Magnets when the Flashlight moves through the Holster, and activates an electronic switch in a previously selected lighting mode. The result is a Flashlight that turn on in the desired mode only by varying the speed and/or the direction of the Flashlight when it is removed from the Holster without the need of a manual button switch.

For example, in a “Tactical Mode,” a fast Flashlight movement through the Holster will turn on in high intensity. A slow speed will turn on Flashlight in low intensity. Strobe mode will start if the user pushes and releases the Flashlight. In a “Contractor mode,” for example, the Flashlight will be turned on in high intensity by pushing and releasing and the low intensity will be achieved by only getting the Flashlight out of the Holster. Such algorithm can be programmed in any way desired. It is not necessary to avoid the switch making possible to operate the Flashlight in a “Manual Mode.”

This invention is helpful for Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel or similar, when a stressful situation makes it hard to take time to turn on a Flashlight in the correct mode for the situation or even find the button switch. Disabled people or seniors will appreciate this aid, too. Circuitry can be programmed to respond in several ways to different combinations of signals from the magnetic fields induced in the coil, obtaining a variety of lighting modes, colors, etc.


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