Fastest Cleaning

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The idea is cleaning an entire house in 5 minutes without manpower.

Consists of surface cleaning liquid, one emitter, and 4 collectors. To clean a room the emitter is placed nearby the center of the room. The emitter will provide us the electromagnetic force for the motion of the material. Then the collectors are placed on 4 edges of the room nearby the walls. These collectors have a kind of structure which attract the liquid and collect all the liquid inside it. The nano ionic cleaning particles are poured in the emitter. After this procedure the system starts working. Then all the room is cleaned and the cleaning material is collected by the collectors.

The internal structure of the emitter is made up of four sellenoid magnets which are connected by their inverse poles and form a rectangular geometry. Electromagnets are the devices which we may control the magnetic characteristic by changing the level of the electric current. The rectangular geometry of the electromagnets create almost a cicular magnetic force. By changing the current, the radius of the circular motion can be controlled. So the emitter provides an outwards spiral moment.

The collectors are circular electromagnets whose attracting poles look outwards. These collectors are made for the attraction of ionic liquid and to hold it inside. The capsules of the nano cleaning particules inside the liquid are made up of ionic material. By the electromagnetic force these capsules can be moved.

By the controllable electromagnetic force in at most 45 seconds, Cleaning Liquid completes its journey from emitter to collectors. Starting from the emitter at the center of the room, by the electromagnetic force the liquid makes an enlarging circular motion which looks like an outwards spiral movement. By this motion liquid scans all the surface of the room without missing any point on the surface. In addition; at the last period of the spiral motion the liquid sweeps the edge and the corners of the room which are the most dirtiest places for a room. After this cleaning process the collectors start working one by one and attract the dirty liquid around themselves. By this method all liquid is held in the collectors.

Silvers have been used for the treatment that have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. They have large relatively surface, increasing their contact with bacteria or fungi. Nano silver particles attack to protein of bacteria. When in contact with bacteria, particles adversely effect cellular metabolism and inhibit cell growth.

There is a disulphide bond in the protein structure. This chemical bond keeps the quadruple protein structure together and provides its stability. Nano silver particles catalyse the oxidation of this structure and separete it. Protein structure is destroyed, bacteria is destroyed.

Nano silver particles and ferrofluid material are pushed by an electromagnetic field. They move together. Nano silver particle density is very important. Because, it must be lighter than ferrofluid material’s density. Otherwise it subsides in the liquid. So we increase particle’s total volume without any change of mass.


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