The BlackStone Tablet

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BlackStone Tablet PC

Can you imagine watching Avatar in 3D on your mobile Tablet PC this holiday season? Look for the Intel Blackstone Lightweight Tablet PC which will feature a Ultra-High Definition Three-Dimensional 10.1 inch retina display that will provide for the ultimate movie viewing experience on a mobile Tablet PC.

The Intel BlackStoneTablet PC i powered by a Low-Power Intel® Atom or OMAP Multi-Core processors with a dedicated Graphical Processor. With the ability to execute both Android and iOS operating systems, witness the incredible viewing on the bright and vibrant 2560 x 1620 pixel display in 3D or 2D depending on the accessible content. and features a Store all your photos, music, and videos on the high capacity 64GB solid state drive. Access all your content through the fast, simple advanced touch interface. It touch response is a revolutionary 1 to 3 mSec response with the “NanoTouch” technology. Experience the instantaneous wake from sleep feature when you touch the surface of the screen with two-fingers.

Capture, create and view your own 3D video content using the dual stereoscopic 8 megapixel cameras. Hold Video-Conference calls with Friends, Family, and Colleagues using the 5 megapixel front facing camera. You can download your favorite 3D and HD movies at Super-Fast rates up to 1,200 Mbps using a matching Wireless access point featuring WiFi CAN standard

The BlackStone Tablet comes with fantastic optional accessories that include, a BlackBone Wireless Cable Modem 802.11acn with a 1.2 Gbitps rating matching the performance of the BlackStone Tablet, a BlackBone Wireless Large Capacity Storage Device, and a BlackBone 5G-LTE/802.11ac Wireless Hub Device with selected Cellular Providers. Choice of OS includes the Android 4.0.4 ICS SMP PreEmpt or the Apple iOS6.


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