Indoor Cooling Dome for Hot & Humid Summers

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Countries and places in the tropics have exceedingly hot and humid nights [1], especially during the summer months.

Trying to sleep in these conditions using only a fan is difficult and the problem gets worse if there is no power to run them.

Window AC units consume a lot of energy (5000 BTU, 4.8 amps, 515 Watts, 110/120V) and are difficult to install.

This inflatable dome insulates the person from the hot environment with walls having a 4.1 R-value. The dome is connected to a 1000 BTU air cooling unit that filters dust and removes excess humidity from the air pumped inside.

This combination provides for a clean, dry, and comfortable night sleep. The unit is battery operated and rechargeable (1000 BTU, 2 amps, 250 Watts, 115V).

This is intended for use in the home, but it can find a use in hospitals, and other indoor facilities that can't count with a continuous reliable power source.

[1] Florida, Texas, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, DR, PR, India, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Hawaii.


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