Ploog'n Power Stand

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People and their electronic devices are migrating from the desk to rooms with comfortable furniture. Here they work, shop and play in comfort but are still plagued by nagging inconveniences. The low battery alarm demands that we stop, get up and plug in. Electrical wall outlets are scarce and difficult to reach behind heavy furniture. Household extension cords and power strips are hidden from view, forcing the user to crawl around looking for them. Unplugging from obstructed electrical outlets is just as inconvenient, so billions and billions of power supplies remain on wasting enormous amounts of power even if the electronic device is turned off. Unused devices and cables lie around cluttering furniture, vulnerable to damage from heat build up and accidents.

Ploog’n is an evolutionary new extension cord, laptop, tablet ,smart phone & IPod charger, storage dock, and power management device all in one. Ploog’n sits on the floor next to your favorite chair, sofa, bed or desk. It has a long 10 foot grounded extension cord culminating in two surge protected electrical outlets that are raised up off the floor. Illuminated switches control each outlet to reduce wasteful power consumption. A berth cradles one's electronic device safely out of harm’s way. An optional USB charging adapter can be added too. All these features are within easy reach of a person sitting, standing or lying in bed.

Ploog'n rocks forward to plug devices in and back to rest, out of the way of arm movements. Wires are cleverly hidden behind the device. Ploog'n also has a stylish design that can be customized to suit any room's decor.

Ploog'n was designed with the earth in mind. Concern about carbon emissions and rising shipping costs challenged the designer to make Ploog'n as light weight and flat as possible. Standing approximately 24" high (68 cm) during use, Ploog'n collapses to ship, store and transport flat, reducing packaging and shipping waste.

Like lamps, Ploog’n needs a little stabilizing weight in the base. Popular demand, would result in shipping a significant number of weighted Ploog'ns to the detriment of the environment. Our response was to eliminate the base weight but make accommodations for it and ask the end user to supply the weight using common items found in the home. Two dollars worth of copper penny coins in the base, for example, equals the required one pound (453 grams) weight. Banking two dollar's worth of pennies in Ploogn's base costs less than shipping its equivalent to the customer. Asking the customer to supply the weight is unconventional but it helps the environment and saves money.

The household extension cord though ugly looking, suffices for TVs and lamps when the need to plug and unplug is rare. Today people and their electronic devices go everywhere together and they need charging frequently. Crawling around in search of an electrical outlet is terribly inconvenient and outdated for anyone at any age.

Ploog'n is the evolutionary advancement that stands upright for fast, easy electrical connections and much more.



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