Genie in the Bottle

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Almost all producers of drinks, perfumes and other various liquids packed into bottles, flacons, etc. take great care about the design of the exterior view. Otherwise it’s difficult or impossible to sell products in the modern market.

To improve looks and give designers new opportunities, I suggest applying such technologies as hologram to label development. It may be plain hologram, 360 deg hologram and moving animating hologram.


First of all we need master hologram. It can be obtained by the standard photographic method with a laser as the source of coherent light. Also, we can produce it as result of computer calculations of 3D-model data. Models we can draw in CAD programs or we can get them from some photography of real objects by software methods.

Then we must obtain a metal drum with copies by means of Galvan plastics for example. The process is similar to CD copying. Plastic films of labels are wound in rolls.

Labels are transferred to bottles by ordinary applicators for self-adhesion labels.


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