Automated Nail Polish and Coloring Agent

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In designing the future I was interested in making several tasks easier by automation and technology. The first is fashion. With a multi-billion dollar fashion industry Nail Polish is a major consumer product. The device I invented combines two iportant function adding and removing nail polish with micro-electronic machines (MEMS) and a consumer friendly and usable design. My invention is a handy dandy pencil has a removable eraser to put your finger in and have your nail polish eradicated! Once the polish is removed it can be added to the ink to change the color of the item or the current ink color can be used to change the polish. By encapsualting the polish into the ink you also have an environmentally friendly way to remove nail polish.

Benefit: To remove nail polish from unsightly nails and to change the color of your pen or pencil.


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    Sarah Mays
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