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In today´s mobile world, we rely more and more on smart phones, portable music players and tablets as tools in communication and entertainment. These devices run our daily lives but with this technology developing so rapidly one issue is often overlooked, battery-life and recharging.

The current method of recharging these devices relies on the necessity to plug these devices into a power supply reducing its “mobility” philosophy into an immobile device. Apart from this it has been investigated how connecting these devices to a conventional power supply is highly unsustainable for the environment in terms of power consumption.

HARV is a product that creates a solution to this problem by harvesting the kinetic energy produced by our bodies on a daily basis in order to recharge these mobile electronic devices we use every day. HARV is a wrist bracelet that captures and stores this kinetic energy so that we have a method to recharge these mobile devices on the go and in a sustainable way, reducing the dependence on conventional energy sources and creating a fully mobile experience for the users.

One of the main benefits of this product on the user is the fact that they are able to recharge their own devices on the go wherever they are. However, another benefit of this device is the knowledge of creating energy in a more sustainable way. The more a user moves the more power they are able to produce. This aspect of the product allows for the user and the society in general to become more aware of energy production and brings this responsibility down to the user where they create their own energy and are responsible for the use of this energy.



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