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The eyePad Stand is a tool, which provides hands-free, touch-screen interaction with an iPad. The non-skid base pad in conjunction with the base cone/pole stem process delivers balance and stability. Whether a finger touches in the middle of the iPad or on its corner, interaction continues with little or no readjustment of the tablet position. Yet, when the moment calls for ease of movement, the tilt, swivel, and portrait/landscape features follow one’s intuitive movement fluidly.

The design focuses on facilitating the use of the iPad ergonomically so the user immediately becomes fully engaged with the iPad. Continuous manual holding of the iPad is tiresome and cumbersome. The eyePad Stand helps eliminate the possibility of contracting carpal tunnel syndrome. It can help steady the iPad when taking pictures. Students can avoid neck strain by lifting the iPad from a desk and viewing it at eyelevel. Tilt removes reflective glare while swivel lets one share. In addition, having the iPad secured with the adjustable bumpers makes removing the iPad from the stand quick and simple. Simultaneously, adjustable bumpers secure the iPad and help reduce damage from drops.

The eyePad stand design is simple; it is designed to be easy to use. It consists of a base, a pole stem/pivot head and a top plate. To swivel, the pole plugs into a central cone socket located on the base and separates from the base for storage or travel. It swivels a full 360 degrees left or right. The portrait and landscape feature also swivels a full 360 degrees in either direction. The tilt is limited to a range of 180 degrees. The current stand model employs rugged plastic but is light enough to carry. Stainless steel screws attach the top plate to the pivot head device, while nylon screws and washers adjust for the various tablet sizes. Nylon parts reduce scratching and are easy to adjust. The eyePad can be custom built or machine-manufactured for higher volumes. The total cost of ownership should be less because the quality of the materials and workmanship increases its longevity. It is designed to be reliable and is intended to work “out of the box.”

Consequently, the market for the eyePad Stand is unlimited. The stand will adapt to many iPad applications and different environments making it an extremely versatile tool for any age group. The eyePad Stand will work with any of the three iPad models, and it will support other similar-sized tablets as well. An optional adapter plate the size of the iPad allows eBook tablets and again, similar-sized tablets, to work on the same top plate. These features expand the scope of the eyePad’s versatility.

Versatility and reliability are the attributes that distinguishes the eyePad Stand’s intrinsic value apart from other less-featured stands. Future eyePad Stand plans include custom additions to address newer tablet requirements as well as accessories to continue to allow adaptation to new environments, to achieve goals, and to meet expectations. The eyePad Stand is currently in several tests.



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