Shoe-Inn Maximum Space Efficient Shoe Organizer

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Many of the ways people store shoes takes up too much space, can lead to mold growth, or doesn’t allow for shoe collectors to display or protect their shoes.

Shoe-Inn is a hanging, easily adjustable set of thin shelves. The shelves are hung by cords through a notch in each corner. Since each shelf only holds one shoe, friction of the cord through the notch is all that is needed to stay in place. To adjust any shelf, simply hold the cord and push the shelf up or down. This way the shelves can be adjusted to fit any shoe height and preserve its shape unlike pocket organizers. Shelves can be added or removed without affecting other shelves.

Sometimes shoes are dirty or wet when they are removed. Shoe-Inn’s open to air design is perfect for preventing mold and is easy to clean unlike some fabric or wooden organizers meant to be stored inside a closet. The simple design puts your collection of shoes on display. Since pairs are stored one on top of the other, Shoe-Inn is thin enough to be stored behind a standard door.

Shoe-Inn can be completely collapsed for moving and easily re-hung in a new place without needing to readjust any shelves.

Diagram of simple notch technology.

Shoe-Inn prototype made of corrugated plastic shelves and recycled plastic twine. It fits perfectly in this small hallway to a one room apartment in Japan. Also keeps your shoes in place during an earthquake.

Shoe-Inn prototype made of painted plywood and nylon cord. This displays how the shape of wedge-shaped shoes can be used for maximum space efficiency. Note the top shelf can be used for slippers or flip flops.


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