Dehumidifying Spray

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Concept is similar to that of air conditioner, which along with the basic function of heating and cooling also dehumidifies the air. My product will also dehumidify the air.

It will bring down the moisture level of the respective place where it is sprayed with no addition of latent heat nor extraction.

It is very clear that if we talk even about the current date weather is full of moisture /humidity. Which makes the weather very sticky and people face problems of skin due to the high moisture , their skin becomes oily and that is sure not their comfort condition , the problem of summers is not warm climate but the humid climate.

My product is answer to all such problems.

But to bring in your concern that there are vast chemicals which can be used for example --

You will often find a little packet of silica inside the packaging of any goods that need proofing against condensation and water damage. On a larger scale, this material can be used to adsorb moisture and dehumidify the air.

In Air conditioner the refrigerants with low boiling points are present, for example
R-11(tri chloro mono fluoromethane) , R – 12 (di chloro di fluoro methane) and many more and they cool as well as dehumidify the room in which we sit .


1.Heat Pump Dehumidifers
2.Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifiers
3.Air Exchangers or Dehumidifying Ventilators

These three methods are very expensive, never ever a product is launched in a bottled form.

Never ever a mobile dehumidifier is launched, I propose a idea to launch the same.

Hence the feasibility is clear, it would be a Spray similar to the perfume or room freshener sprays, being packed in the same way, and would look like same.

The dehumidifiers and Air conditioners are unaffordable for every living being but this bottle when will come into mass production would cost less than a 100 Indian currency.


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