Clean Water Mop System

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This invention uses blow molding technology to create a self contained Clean Water Mop Bucket System. There would be three separate water compartments, Clean, Semi Clean and Dirty (see Figure 1). The operator would be able to rinse the mop in the dirty water compartment then move to the semi dirty compartment and then to the Clean water compartment every time they clean out the mop. This would allow the mop to be very clean every time they mop even if the dirty water is quite dirty (unlike the current mop bucket system). When the dirty water gets very dirty, they could drain it into a holding tank under the mop compartments (see Figure 2) and move the semi dirty water to the dirty compartment and the clean water to the semi dirty compartment, etc.(see Figure 1). There would be a clean water holding tank with a pump that would be used to fill the clean water compartment again.

Almost every business has to mop a floor and clean the facility on a regular basis. The traditional mop bucket has been made the same inefficient way for years (see list of problems, 3rd illustration). Any improvement in the method, quality and time needed to perform these duties is money saved for the business owner. Using the Clean Water Mop System (CWMS) the cleaning process can be more efficient, provide better quality, is easier on the operator and be environmentally friendly (see benefits below). With less trips back and forth to get new water, It is estimated that the time spent mopping a business could be cut in half possibly even less with the CWMS. Less soap would be used and less injuries to operators would be a big cost savings.

The operator could fill the clean water tank and move to the area to be cleaned and then pump clean water into all three bucket compartments. After mopping they could drain the dirty water into the holding tank and make the trip back to the utility area. This would minimize the amount of water (both clean and dirty) getting sloshed onto the floor during the trip to and from the cleaning area. With the bigger wheels it would go over cracks and bumps much better than the current mop buckets do.

The CWMS would be easy to manufacture using blow molding technology. It could be built so it would package small and could be easily assembled. A smaller residential system could be built that would be used in the every day house hold.

This product could revolutionize the cleaning industry with clean water available not only for mopping but for other cleaning tasks as well.


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