Flexible Informational Sleeve Display

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Picture yourself skiing down a slope with wind chill 30 below or 100 feet below the surface of the ocean in SCUBA gear with a lighted 3" digital display fused into the material of your sleeve showing your speed of descent, caller ID from your I-Phone, time, or your depth and air supply impervious to water, chemical, temperature, or impact hazards. This invention addresses these issues and offers so much more for a number of consumer products.

Employing PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and high speed sequencing of low voltage (3VDC typical @ 5 ma.) from a tiny conformal coated PCB with tiny LEDs buried inside an epoxy coating connected to fiber optic bundles that define the segments making up alphanumeric characters using durable PMMA optical fibers fused to a fabric surface results in a high intensity flexible, machine washable, super large digital display in any flexible material or fabric.

Uses are only up to imagination and design. I've created a few example uses including a Digital Multimeter with probes installed in the sleeves eliminating the necessity of setting a Multimeter on any surface, a digital sleeve clock, Stop Watch, 12" Digital thermometer, and a Bio-Feedback jacket employing a GSR (Galvanometer Skin Response) sensor that transmits data via Bluetooth to the jacket including ECG, heart rate, among other parameters.

The display is virtually weightless and can withstand puncturing without affecting any area around the punctured hole. Since there is no electrical conduction at or near the actual display,


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