Quick Twist Peristaltic Pump

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In peristaltic pumps (squeeze tube) a new approach is made with this application by using a disposable tube. The pump frame comes equipped with motor, drive and rollers. A few twists with the pumping tube and you have a new pump. It is designed where the tubing is to be discarded or cleaned after use.

At present there are three different tube sizes. The standards are 1/16”, 1/8” & 3/16” ID hose sizes. Silicone for sanitary applications and norprene for heavier duty industrial uses. Low voltage D.C. motors (12v & 24v) are available and are easily converted to A.C. current by a plug-in adapter. The plug-in adapter has different D.C. voltage available for meeting varied flow rates required. The size of this present unit is 4” long x 2 ½” wide x 4” high with this D.C. motor. For constant speed duty a shaded pole or induction motor (or gear motor) could be used in A.C. operation. Flow rates with these three tubing sizes is up to 200 ml/minute.

The pump is self priming. The cost per unit would be about $20.00/ea in 10,000 lots. In addition to its utility in the consumer product category it has multiple applications in the food processing field and medical field.

Details of construction are outlined on U.S Patent # 8,052,403 B1 of November 8, 2011 along with a photo of the prototype.


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