Changing the World-One Building at a Time

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Would you like to be able to pick an orange in your family room in the middle of winter? How about having a leading-edge, plus-net energy home in which fruit grows profusely (those are bananas growing in our client’s family room in the cold, wet Pacific Northwest) yet there is no mechanical heating or air conditioning used? Note that though it has only an R-2 insulation rating, a study by Oregon’s DOE projected that before photovoltaics it would consume but 24% of the energy consumed by the same plan built to the Model Energy Code. Yes, it will produce so much excess electricity; your utility company will send you a check each month, instead of the other way around. And, best of all ~ it will COST LESS THAN HALF that of current Plain Jane houses. How is this possible ~ componentization and innovation. As a HUD director stated, “You are doing to construction what Henry Ford did to the automobile”.

What If ~ it far surpassed tests showing it will withstand the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it. Yet she is very pleased because it will be composed primarily of waste – agricultural, storm debris, coal ash, and paper waste and is almost 100% recyclable.
What If ~ instead of a dark, dank cave, you felt enlightened by living and working in naturally lighted spaces where fresh healthy air moves naturally throughout, even in the dead of winter. Hard to believe, but without the use of PV, your future home will generate, store and return heat and electricity 24/7/365.

What If ~ your home, school and workplace were rated as one of the “greenest” methods of construction available?
What If ~ your facilities had finishes that were ingrained into the parts rather than painted on the surface. Maintaining them would be considerably lower cost than conventionally built buildings ~ plus, you yourself could totally change the décor, including brick to stone walls or one color to another in less than a day?
What If ~ Just as most children can easily assemble and disassemble a Lego and an erector set, you will be able to do the same with your home? Your home, school and workplace will be cradle-to-cradle so that you yourself, can rearrange the interior walls, plumbing and electricity to meet your current needs and with family and friends you can move the whole facility to a new location – including the foundation.
e~TECH is bringing construction into the 21st century with innovative, self-sustaining, earth-friendly, superior performing, more durable, healthy buildings through alternative methods of construction. Like your automobile, airplane, computer, and most other items you buy, it is a series of integrated systems combined to create a custom structure to meet your personal needs while blending in with the neighborhood.
Visit to see how e~TECH is creating your future.

There is no future in believing something can’t be done.
The future is in making it happen!


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