Visual Instrumental Music Assistant

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Did you ever want to play your favorite songs on a piano but did not find the correct notes? Did you ever want to learn music but never found time for it due to busy work schedule and other committments? No problem, because I have a solution.

The VIMA (Virtual Instrumental Music Assistant) can be used to help play music on a regular piano or a digital or electronic keyboard with no knowledge of music. It will be an RGB LED strip which can be placed right above the keys on a 61-key/76-key or 88-key keyboard. The user will be able to select a song from a touch screen LCD. The song when played, will turn ON/OFF the respective note's LED. This will indicate that the user needs to play the key right below the lit LED to play the correct music note. As the song plays in the controller, the respective LEDs will get lit.

The concept will make use of MIDI music files which can be easily interpreted by the embedded system.

The database in the controller could be updated with new songs through a USB interface, downloaded from a website.

Further, I would like to allow users to dock an iPhone or Android powered phone to the LED controller to be able to select a song and play the respective sequence on the LED strip.


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    Nachiket Deshmukh
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