Insect Control System

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This device allows consumers to control the infestation of potentially dangerous insects in areas such as barns,storage buildings,hunting/fishing camps and blinds,boats,power and communications control stations and anywhere spiders, wasps etc. may congregate.Serpent and rodent repellant materials could also be deployed.

Using a programmable timer/controller and readily available aerosol insect foggers, the system may be programmed by the user to deploy one of multiple insect foggers at any desired interval such as bi-monthly, monthly etc. Insect foggers are loaded into a magazine, and electric solenoids are selectively actuated according to the programming. Especially effective is the ability to pre-treat an area prior to occupying, such as hunting blinds and remote camps and barns/garages. The essential components are the controller,solenoids,insect fogger cans,battery,solar panel (or electrical adapter) and enclosure. The system is reuseable by replacing the fogger cans.

The potential market includes sportsmen,farmers/ranchers etc. Device could be distributed via sporting-goods outlets,farm & ranch supplies and mail order. Potential manufactures are equipment companies such as Moultrie,Coleman, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble etc.

The basic concept can be expanded to hold additional fogger cans,deploy water activated products by including a valved manifold,and any material requiring timed deployment.
Anyone who must enter an enclosed area occasionally/seasonally will appreciate the ability to pre-treat the area prior to entry.


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