Emergency Mobile Phone Charger and Pocket Lamp

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If people are in a place without possibility to recharge mobile phone battery, this mechanical charger can help. The charger is built into a pencil. It consists of linear alternator, rectifier, capacitor, constant current source and LED. It can be used as pocked lamp if LED is switched on. The linear alternator is shown in figure 1. The other parts are common so there is no need to describe them.

Fig. 1

Stator is made of coils 1 in magnetic circuits 2 , moving part
consists of permanent magnets with pole extensions.

The moving part is connected by spring to push button. Second spring returns the button back to starting position. If the button is periodically pressed, magnets of moving part vibrate in stator and
alternating current is generated in the coils. The current is rectified and smoothed by capacitor. The mobile phone battery is charged via constant current source and cable.


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