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Imagine yourself running frantically to catch that early morning flight, weaving and winding through other travelers as your luggage follows your every move. You made it, just as the flight attendant was closing the gate. Luckily you choose to purchase Novo Luggage, with its patent pending omni-directional motion capabilities, it didn’t tip over or get caught on your heel during that mad dash to the flight gate, like all other wheeled luggage currently on the market. Even more noticeable then its maneuvering capabilities are Novo’s custom color designs that you chose to personalize your travelling style.

Novo Luggage is a product that utilizes numerous patent pending technologies that will allow it to be the first and only bag in the world that can go sideways, down steps, over sidewalks, and in any direction the user desires. To customize a bag, a customer simply goes to where he or she will start with a blank colored bag, then will be able to choose different sections of the bag and color them to their desired taste using an assortment of the colors available.

For a bag to be customizable, and not have to be made from scratch, Novo Luggage has re-engineered the way soft-sided luggage is manufactured. Typically, soft-sided luggage starts with a wire frame which is then sewn over by the desired fabric and lastly has the wheel corners and handles fastened. This process is very time consuming and drives up the cost of the product. To eliminate this extra assembly time and manufacturing costs, Novo Luggage incorporates a plastic tub as an internal frame member. This allows the customized exterior to be quickly created as a sleeve which then slides over the tub and adheres to it. Once this is done, the wheels and handle quickly attach to the pre-designed locations on the tub.

Novo Luggage's goal is to create an experience where a traveler no longer worries about their luggage tipping over as they race through an airport due to poor maneuvering capabilities, or wonder which black or navy blue bag is theirs coming down the baggage claim conveyer. In addition, Novo uses all recycled fabrics and plastics to minimize the negative impact this product has on the environment.



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