Dreamech: Enable Smarter, Money-Saving and Safer Car Ownership

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Your car is your second largest investment. According to Consumer Reports, 68% of car owners research recommendations before authorizing work, 56% wish they had more information going into the shop, and 46% of them negotiate the price of work. But ultimately, 73% of car owners authorize whatever work the shop recommends. Why? Because consumers don’t have the information or the expert advice they need. 

Do you dream to have a trusted auto mechanic who can check your car automatically, in real time or on demand 24/7? When problems are diagnosed, would you like to have the expert’s advice on service needs, estimated cost, shop selection and local service discount information? This is why JD Power found 55% car owners interested in remote vehicle diagnostics technology.


This technology is named Dreamech. It is cloud-based mobile and web application that connects to virtually any car on the road to provide personalized service, advice and offers for that particular car, based on the car’s real time diagnostic results and maintenance schedule. The system consists of vehicle diagnostics unit (VDU), smart phone app, web application, remote sever, and customer relationship management software (CRM) used by expert auto mechanics team. Users can also ask questions to live experts, or post information to social networks of peer car owner to get help.

Consumers purchase a VDU that plugs into the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port on virtually every car. This device communicates via Bluetooth to the consumer’s smartphone, which is linked to the user’s online account.

In the cloud, Dreamech’s massive database of automotive information and service records, plus a community of auto professionals (staffed partially by Dreamech, partially by enthusiastic users) can help consumers understand the health of their car, evaluate the price and quality of service they are being offered by auto shops, and access tailored promotions for service and products in their area.


The VDU is a small device that consists of embedded hardware and firmware and outer plastic case. Windows Server and SQL Server or other open source tools can be used to build remote server. Mobile app can be developed using Java language for Android platform or Object-C for iOS platform. CRM can be developed using Java, Microsoft Dot Net and etc.


There are over 160 million used cars in US market with an average age of 10.3 years. B2B can be used for business customers such as fleet and logistic companies, and B2B2C and B2C for car owners. The second “B” of B2B2C can be business partners with established distribution channel. In B2C, ecommerce and social media can be used. 

Cost Effectiveness: 

Business: helps to differentiate service and improve operations efficiency. 

Car owners: enables car owners to save time and money, and give them peace of mind. 

Environment: help to reduces car-made pollution.    

The technology is in connected car or M2M category. It shares the vision of Smart City and Smart Planet with IBM. The business has been approved for the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.


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