Instant Formula Milk Maker

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This product will automate the process of making formula milk. It is a multiple purpose machine that contains a warming device to warm the feeder, mix the dry milk and water in proper proportion automatically and deliver the prepared milk to the feeder.

Another major purpose of this product is to deliver milk to the feeder bottle according to the requirement of the baby. This device will contain a sensing system that will automatically suck more milk from the milk maker to the bottle when the level of milk in feeder will be almost empty. Therefore reducing the quantity of extra milk that has to be refrigerated or disposed off later on. So this device is a money saver and will automate the milk making process.

The FEEDER contains an inlet with anon-returnable valve. This inlet is used to attach the instant formula milk maker with the feeder. When feeder is detached from the unit, a plastic cap covers the valve. Thus any commercially available feeder may be modified for use with this unit.

The FEEDER will be connected to the MILK MAKER via a pipeline. Initially 2 ounces of milk will flow from the MILK MAKER to the FEEDER when powered on. Afterwards 2 ounces of milk will be further fed to the feeder when the quantity of milk in the feeder will be below half ounce so that there is continuous supply of milk to the baby.

The milk is prepared in this device by first releasing the amount of water needed to prepare the required amount of milk from the WATER STORAGE to the WARMER. The WARMER will heat the water to a predefined temperature and transfer it to the MIXER. Dry milk from the DRY MILK CONTAINER will be delivered to the MIXER in the same proportion in which water is present. The MIXER will make the solution and finally the PUMP will deliver the prepared milk to the feeder.

Most of the components of the milk maker will be manufactured using injection molding, while other components include a small pump, an electric heating device and a mixer that will be driven by a small motor.

This product will eliminate the requirement of feeder warmer as it contains in its system. This device is more useful in places where temperature is high. As there milk will be become unhygienic due to temperature. This product design and concept can be made patent and than sold to the companies that make baby products.


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