Alondi "Rescue" Cream

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Every year family members have suffered sunburn; it's not always convenient to wear sunblock, and accidental exposure can occur at any time. Since there did not seem to be products available to stop the pain and inflammation of sunburn, I decided to develop one, with the aim of:

1. Making a product that can be lightly applied so as not to cause further pain.
2. Achieving rapid pain relief and reduction of inflammation.
3. Having a product that uses natural organic materials to achieve the benefits.

Existing burns treatments rely on creams that contain silver for an anti-bacterial effect. Research on the Internet found experiments using natural substances such as aloe vera that were as good, or better, at healing burns.
Studies exist that show aloe's effectiveness:
The addition of four more bioactive ingredients that have been reported as beneficial for the skin should improve efficacy.

We envisage that our 'Rescue' cream could be a normal part of first-aid kits, and used on burns, bruises, and abrasions. It should find a ready market in beach resorts worldwide, therefore I believe the market potential to be excellent.

The initial formulation was based on 100% aloe vera (water soluble) extracts combined with a minimal amount of carrier oils designed to rapidly perfuse the active ingredients into the skin. The final development added four more bio-active plant extracts: calendula, centella asiatica, opuntia cladoides cactus, and papaya.
These have all been reported to have useful properties for the required application. The cream, after being applied, is absorbed very quickly and inflammation is reduced almost immediately; there is a considerable and rapid reduction of pain.

At the moment we are producing small quantities of the cream in a small lab. Commercial manufacture would take place in a larger facility and might begin on a contract (batch) basis. Our production costs allow us a profit margin of approximately 80% on materials alone, which should allow us to compete effectively.

We believe that our 'Rescue' cream could dramatically improve the quality of life of people with limited mobility, e.g. those in care homes, who suffer pressure ulcers (bed sores); those who spend a lot of time outdoors; and be a useful addition to every household due to its fast remedial activity.

The submitted photo shows the results of treating a second degree welding burn with 'Rescue.'

We would like nothing better than the chance to have our product tested objectively so that we can prove that it works better than any other alternatives available at this time.


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