Strain Relief Comb and Helix

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When using devices with cords or wires, many times there is a need to temporarily attach the wire to something. Devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones and other electronic applications have earphones or hands free devices where the wiring can get entangled or in the way. A sudden shock can remove ear pieces or damage connectors. A strain relief comb or helix provides a temporary fixing solution for the wires. Also depending on the design it is possible to use the strain relief system as a frictional brake, when the connected devices and components are protected from shocks and other fast phenomena. This can be achieved by adjusting the dimensions of the component and by material selection.

As illustrated, the tension in the wire causes elastic deformation in the strain relief comb which increases the frictional force to the wire. In the case of the strain relief helix, the strain in the wire is transferred to the helix and transformed into friction. Most current strain relief systems cannot be removed after installation and rely on the cable to take the strain from the shock.

This strain relief system can also be scaled to be used with thicker cables such as extension cords and construction electrical cables. In these cases temporary strain relief solution provides flexibility to adjust and changes the location of the strain relief when time goes on. This increases safety in working environments and prevents accidents and equipment damage.

Product can be manufactured with injection moulding or sheet metal processing. In the case of the helix wire and spring manufacturing technologies can be used for the manufacturing. These technologies are well known and potential manufacturers exist, which indicates reasonable price for the components. Numbers of potential components produces are high if even applied to a fraction of electronic devices.


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