Buttonless Remote

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More and more remote controls clutter our living space these days. None of them is the same and look aesthetically appealing to me. Ever wondered how many buttons a remote control needs ? Some designers think a product is finished if they can't add more features. I think the opposite. How many bells (and buttons) can you remove before the product becomes useless? I tried it with the remote and I managed to remove all of them.

The Bikkel remote uses a couple of movements to operate it. Some of them we know already. The good old analog volume knob of a radio for example.The Bikkel remote does not have a front or a back. So you can operate it from every side, under any lighting conditions which makes it user-friendly. Then there is the shape and looks of the remote. Most remotes are boxes with buttons. I thought out of that box. My remote looks like an egg. I don't know why. It just looks good. Then there is the electronics. It's all good to have an idea, you still have to implement it. Luckily I got experience with movement sensors and capacitive sensors. That's why the remote only uses power when you touch and move it.

The working: move it like an analogue volume knob and the volume goes up or down. Change channels by moving in a circle. Tap the Egg to switch on or off. Making things simple and beautiful is the key feature of this product. It will appeal to all generations.A gadget for youngsters, for elderly a trip back in time when things were simple.



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