Instant Pancakes

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A problem of longstanding is availability of potable water and edible foodstuffs during/after natural disasters,e.g., floods, hurricanes, snow storms, etc. The instant invention, titled, "Aqueous-driven Instant Foods, Baby Formula, Flavor Enhancement and Manufacture Method Thereof" uses a unique, NASA-assisted microencapsulation technology first used aboard STS 41 and later aboard STS 43, that enables microencapsulation and production of edible microcapsules that may contain liquids, water, for example, gasses or other substances sought to be preserved for later delivery/use.

In this instance the liquid is potable water which has been microencapsulated in a robust, edible substance forming a protective shell that protects the water inside the capsule from being contaminated. The encapsulated water droplets are then combined with instant foodstuffs, e.g., pancake mix, brownie or cake mixes, baby formula, medicines, etc., and be used to sustain human and animal life during disasters, emergencies or war or times of peace.



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