Cat Litter Box with Double Flap Odor Control Corridor

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Most standard cat litter boxes fail to control odor. Electronic models are expensive and can malfunction; parts are difficult to clean. Other new or potentially new designs require outflow vents, which necessitate cutting into an outer wall.

Project Abstract:
A potential design simply extends the standard litter box model by adding a section with a short corridor between two flap doors. The inner flap controls primary odors, while the corridor houses a ceiling mounted, absorbent baking soda/citrus pad to capture any escaping odor. The corridor also contains a rubber matt with raised surfaces to capture additional litter from paws as the cat exits the litter box. The outer flap provides a secondary odor barrier, resulting in highly effective odor control.

The unit may be used without the cover for a day or two, to enable the cat(s) to become accustomed to the corridor.

- Self-contained unit with additional of small, detachable, covered corridor
- Requires no electrical components or extraction devices
- Highly absorbent odor control/freshening pads
- Pads are easily installed by slipping into holder on corridor ceiling
- Washable rubber mat for corridor
- Easily detachable clips allow for cleaning
- Clear, see-through cover to provide light
- Will fit into small closet and can also be used in SUV or Van.
- Economical to manufacture and purchase
- Highly marketable (Approximately 90 million cats in U.S. homes)


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