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Are you tired of eating cold dishes? Do you keep waiting for a long time until your stomach aches because of intense hunger? Nonstop gasoline price hike? So here’s a new tool to keep your life easy and hot! Introducing “Cook - E,” a rechargeable portable device that cooks food instantly without using gas and at the same time serve as a handle for the metal container.

Some problems such as house fires due to gas leaks or unattended cooking arise from time to time. Other existing cooking devices are not as safe to use as compared to our product. Due to high prices of gas these days, we are encouraged to design a newly innovated heat source made especially for cooking.

It is user friendly. Once the device is activated, the magnet will fasten it firmly onto the metal surface for easy and stable handling. It doesn’t need any gas or electricity to make it work. A touch screen interface is available for easy and smooth manipulation of the product. It can adjust the temperature depending on how much heat you need for your dish. One can plug it into an electrical source to charge it thus allowing one to use it for a long period of time.
The handle is made from insulator products to keep the user from experiencing burns. A special type of plastic film is used to protect the screen interface from any possible damage. For firm attachment unto the metal surface a type of strong magnet, specifically, electro magnet is utilized once the device is activated. The product contains rechargeable batteries as the source of its power.

Consumers could travel easily along different locations. This heating device will therefore allow them to satisfy their hunger with ease and convenience. It could also be used by students who live in dormitories and have no one left to cook for them. This product will aid them in cooking for themselves and save them valuable time, money and energy. This product will give students an opportunity to learn the basics of cooking safely. Parents do not need to worry about burns or gas leaks.


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