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We are a team of Bolivian enterpreneurs. One of our goals is the enterpreneurship by using the “doing business” mindset and through this project decide if the use of technology is viable.

We are building a platform that will enable local restaurants or food businesses to join for free and provide new services:

The restaurants are essentially retail food companies prepared for the most part, restaurants have business models that are relatively easy to understand and value chain of each of them is the same as that of an industrial standard. However, there are some unique factors to consider when making investment decisions with respect to this great industry and segmented.

Competition among restaurants is fierce, as the dining options abound. And while there are certainly dominant sectors in this industry (especially fast food providers), no company has left the market. In fact, almost all restaurants have to compete not only against other publicly traded chains, but also with a variety of smaller establishments where they are. Competitors include everything from food shops and pizzerias to gourmet restaurants. And of course, is relatively easy to give up food prepared altogether in favor of cooking at home, which is generally a less expensive option. Therefore, restaurant meals are discretionary purchases, and the industry tends to be very changeable and competitive. The struggle to get more customers is hard, in many cases there is no customer loyalty, which constantly looking for new dining options.

The product

We provide a web platform in real time, where:
1. Customers of different restaurants, fast food and large gourmet restaurants can select the business where they want to buy your food, the display can choose your menu, or prepare a customized if desired, will the price of your order you may pay online or on delivery of the order.
2. This product we offer, also has an interface to a high-tech device that can smell the food that the user selected the menu. This device will be sold separately.
3. Also, our product will enable business managers of food, have a direct relationship with suppliers of different inputs and raw materials they need on an ongoing basis in order to complete customer orders, making the business tell stores with the input in a timely manner, applying the philosophy just in time.



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