SPOT Indicating Metal Detector

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The Spot Metal Detector is a metal detecting system designed to scan and indicate the location of underground metal objects with a marking fluid or paint. The device vastly improves the abilities to scan large areas for metal objects accurately and safely from a remote location.

Problem Solved:
By providing a four foot wide path of full surface scanning The Spot Metal Detector device solves the common problems of missed items associated with the hobby, commercial, law enforcement and military applications of underground metal detection. The device also allows for detection of an area without the need for intimate personnel interaction, potentially removing the threat of injury and death.

Benefits of the device include the ability to scan and mark items located for excavation or later examination. Remote and autonomous control applications will allow for use in the locating of IED’s and explosives from a safe distance. The device will also allow a safe approach for first response teams to scan potentially explosive areas and situations and allow for safe collection of evidence.

Improvement to Current Methods:
All currently available metal detectors are single coil units that require the operator to manually hold and swing the device in a back and forth motion parallel to the ground as they walk forward. This creates a long ‘Z’ pattern along the path potentially leaving many items undetected. The rotating design of this device provides a long overlapping spiral pattern that provides complete double checked scan of the path it creates.

Applies to Various Markets:
The device applies to the detector hobbyist, historical preservationist, first response and evidence collection for law enforcement personnel, military use for IED detection and abatement.

The device is a motorized and remotely controlled platform with multiple metal detectors, spray heads and coils attached to a rotary frame. The frame is designed to position the detection coils parallel to the ground. During basic operation the frame rotates, causing the coils to scan the ground as the platform is being directed remotely manually or autonomously in the desired direction. When an object is detected by a coil it triggers the adjacent pump and sprays fluid on the location.

The device is designed using commercially produced metal detector units and readily available parts assembled for a complete unit. Initial versions will be hand machined and assembled.

Cost Comparison:
The device utilizes detectors already price set by the hobby industry and incorporates items from the remote control hobby industry that are readily available for production. This availability will allow for pricing to be set at a reasonable and justifiable cost based on the incorporated items.


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