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Views: 2974 is a marketplace for face to face expert advice on just about any subject. Soshowise is like YouTube, except every video producer is an expert in a topic, and they can charge people for live video consultations. What Soshowise provides is the immediate access to the exact expert you‘re looking for. We will have experts in a variety of fields from Accountants and Life Coaches all the way to Handymen and Landscapers. On Soshowise you can find just about any kind of expert, located anywhere in the world, and speak with them face to face via webcam at the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Video sessions on Soshowise are live, interactive, and face to face. The advice you receive on Soshowise is specifically tailored for you.

What Soshowise bring to market is nothing like anything that's come before it. Soshowise is a Marketplace that connects Experts to consumers in need of Advice, Mentoring or consulting. What really makes us unique is we connect the consumer with experts through live interactive video. Soshowise provides a marketplace for other parties to buy and sell product, in our case the product is specifically tailored knowledge.

Here is how Soshowise works: Highly experienced experts, known as providers, create social media profiles on Soshowise and post videos, presentations, and documents on their subject of expertise. Experts are free to set their own prices in increments of 15 minutes and based on feedback ratings and other dynamics. Users who are looking for expertise in a specific subject ranging from life coaching to automotive repair can use our site search to explore a specific subject or just browse by categories to view the profiles of the experts in that that specific field. User can view the free content on provider’s profiles such as videos and documents, as well as previous feedback to find the exact expert they are looking for. Once the user finds an expert they would like chat with, they can purchase a consultation on Soshowise. The expert receives a text message or email alerting them to set up a time for a video consultation. Once the provider and the buyer set up a mutual time, the coach than performs the video consultation on a computer, tablet, or smartphone device. Soshowise then releases the funds to the provider once the consultation is complete.

Soshowise pays the coach a 90% margin from every transaction. Soshowise collects $.99 connection from the coach for every transaction to cover all variable cost for that given transaction. If a coaches plan to provide more than 10 consultations a month it, it would be wise for them to pay a $9.99 monthly subscription which covers all connection fees for that month. The pricing structure is designed to be more affordable for coaches who provide a number of consultations each month. On top of generating revenue from video consultations, Soshowise will generate revenue from targeted advertisements to users.



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    Eric Santos
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Technology Enthusiast, Fitness, MMA, and reading.
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