magLUX™ LED Magnetic Lighting for Metal Cabinets and Shelves

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Neutek USA announces all new "Best-In-Class" MagLUX™ SLM1-K7 24" LED Magnetic Task Lighting. MagLUX™ more universally known as ThinLUX™ is designed especially for most common steel cabinets, boxes, enclosures and shelving (e.g. Modular Metal Office Furniture). It's USA manufactured design fully replaces a typical OEM 15+ lb heavy steel fluorescent fixture costing hundreds more. Since it is magnetic and not reliant on custom fit per fixture, one size often is usable across many platforms. Understanding the longevity of an LED design, this universal fit can be re-applied over and over when a business changes furniture or layout.

Better, brighter, and saves over $80k in annually ( typ.1000 unit office building). Best-in-class low profile high output long life scratch resistant tough polycarbonate design weighs a mere 4 ounces and occupies 1/50th as much space–making cost effective for shipping and storage as well!

Incredible savings FOUR WAYS when replacing metal office furniture lighting.

1) 60% saved daily energy costs
2) 600% saved up-front purchase price vs. OE fluorescent units
3) 6000% saved labor and maintenance costs after first two years
4) 60,000 lbs mild steel saved for every 3300 units installed*

Today, no other USA built LED Luminaire product can make this claim. Period. START saving energy and STOP the mercury poison of dated fluorescent lamps. Never mind the tons of mild steel and copper you'll recycle when replacing whole office building floors otherwise fit-up with dated clumsy dent and scratch prone steel under cabinet fluorescent fixtures! It's simply right for the earth and right for your bottom line.

Fits most metal office furniture cabinets and shelving from 1 inch to 96 inches in length. Longer continuous lengths up to 40 feet available when linking together. This modular furniture example: replaces typical high voltage 21 watt fluorescent tube / ballast with safe low voltage 7 watt LED Strip / Wall Adapter.

Latest generation high color rendering index (CRI) LEDs provide pure natural white "sun like" 4700K light for an optimal comfortable work space experience. No more annoying flicker, buzz, hum, or yellowing lens. An optional timer feature provides Autominder™ functionality to automatically dim or shut off an unattended light.

Easy 1-2-3 retrofit / installation in as little as 30 seconds. Re-adjustable lamp positioning through the use of simple magnetic hold property for optimum lighting configuration: side-to-side or front-to-back. No tools or special skills required.

In summary, ThinLUX™ LED Lighting solutions offer some of the most recognizable "practical and real" cost savings among any commercially produced LED Luminaires in its class. ThinLUX is available for immediate widespread implementation beginning TODAY!

Neutek USA - Since 1998 Made in USA. 10 year Warranty. UL / Energy Star rated components. Mesa, AZ USA Telephone: (480) 898-0081 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Based on 17 lbs of recycled mild steel for each replaced Fluorescent fixture

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