Air Vent Bed

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Are you tired of having a difficult time sleeping because the day is too hot or too cold; and when you get to bed you start to sweat (during a hot day) or you cannot get warm enough (during a cold night)? Well, this AIR VENT BED will bring you comfort in a better sleep, to warm or refresh your body during cold or hot nights.

This bed comes in any size (twin, full, queen or king) and includes equipment which makes it possible to adjust the thermostat of the bed, making it possible to warm or cool the mattress with adjustable smooth and quiet cool or warm air vents.

Beds are essential for assuring a good night sleep, and with peoples life style today, a great sleep is essential to recover the day. The main purpose of this new bed is to be an improvement to comodity and health, because you can have all in one mattress: COOL, WARM or simply a NORMAL bed. Helping people all around in improving their lives by sleeping faster and better; making bedtime less stressful!

Thus, in many countries many people do not have an air conditioner or a heater in their houses, so this improved bed will better the lives of these people making it possible to invest in a bed that is three in one.

And in those homes where they do have this type of equipment(air conditioner or air heater)this new bed may,contribute with energy saving, because it many cases it would not be necessary to turn them on at night.

Beds accomplish many needs people have, among them are having trouble sleeping from time to time, which some of the causes may be: sleeping to hot or too cold, tossing and turning, partner disturbance, etc.

The main idea of this new product is the design of a specialized mattress in addressing the difficult times to sleep during cold or hot nights. This mattress combines the design of a comfortable mattress with air vents.

The AIR VENT BED is focused on those people who sweat a lot when resting in bed, and for those who cannot get themselves warm enough during a cold night. This AIR VENT BED will make their lifes better making it easier for them to improve their sleep by just turning the AIR VENT COOL or WARM AIR ON, and help them refresh or warm their bodies in just a few moments.

This bed mattress includes the foundation, innerspring support system, air compressor, thermostat regulator and air vents on the comfort layers. The mattress is made up of synthetic and natural fibers that make it possible to isolate the impact of a fire.

This AIR VENT BED can be easily manufactured by those companies especialized in specialized mattress manufacturing industry.

The production cost may be higher to the actual beds cost production because of the compressor and electric safe mattress; but with the difference that this AIR VENT BED would fullfill three different necessities.


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