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Stress, back pain, headache, neck, joints, varicose veins, constipation, obecity, fatigue, bad posture, bending and arthritis are just some problems caused by spending so much time seated in the same position at work.

The objective of the multipositional working unit is increasing the quality of life in the short and long term for the user at the moment of working at a conventional office, where the user spend much time seated. This is achieved by providing different positions for their jobs. With this, the problems derived by a bad posture will decrease fatigue. On the other side, it will benefit the businesses in productive employees and, so, better results for the companies.

The innovation of the multipositional working unit is creating a new way of seating, giving the user ergonomic positions such as:
1. Seated as usual.
2. Lean on the seat with legs stretched.
3. Lean on the unit resting the back and legs as if it were laying on a wall, barely on feet.

The working área goes up and down thew same as the seat. the last position makes the user do a little pressure on the legs, so blood flows again, have a better back position and rest from the same position. The cushioning are made of memory foam which takes the user´s body shape to avoid any kind or type of pressure on the body.

The extraordinary product will be sold on specialized furniture stores for specialized businesses and ergonomic chairs.

1. Seat.
2. After getting tired of the same position, pull the lever under the seat that will make the seat go up by a hydraulic pistón.
3. Going to the user´s preferences, raising up with the seat.
4. Relaxation and comfort through all the body.

The materials are:
Inyected Nylon, a metal rail, memory foam, a hydraulic pistón and a standard seat. All this materials could be recycled or reused in the future to contribute and help the ecology. This commercial materials support the production cost, it was the main principle to be economic, but the best suited for the production.


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