Thin Film Photovoltaic Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade

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Thin Film Photovoltaic Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade

The innovation consists of wind turbine blades that dynamically optomize peak performance of a wind turbine with the use of thin film photovoltaic technologies, solar energy and a computer controlled analysis program of wind conditions. Wind turbine blades would be constructed of light weight material with a carbon fiber covering. Thin film photovoltaic sheets of solar cells enhanced with single walled strings of carbon nanotube fibers would be added supplying power to servo motors. The thin film photovoltaic dynamic wind turbine blade is designed to get the maximum of wind and solar energy available at the wind turbine site.The energy created would be transfered to power servo motors to optomize turbine blades dynamically obtaining proper blade pitch, yaw and roll either individually or in combination. The solar energy obtained from the thin film photovoltaics and carbon nanotube strings that is not used could be stored for future use on cloudy days or sent to a storage grid.

Thin film photovoltaic technology and component parts for wind turbines are available for production and many are off the self. Thin film photovoltaic and carbon nanotube technologies are continually developing to meet the demands of efficient energy production and are available world wide. This is not a one wind turbine design fits all. It is a matter of needs determination first and then using this innovation to maximize electrical energy at the cheapest possible costs.

Countries such as Africa that are starved for available cheap sources of elecrical energy. The climate conditions avails itself to solar and wind energy. The use of solar and wind using computer controlled programs to optomize available energy sources and production are most advantageous to third world countries, coastal villages and in climates that are sunny and windy.

The innovation presented in this abstract was developed in order to put together two sources of energy in conjuction with technologies that are constantly changing and improving and promise to make available energy outputs that are important to people, climate, and environment as well as cost effective.


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