The Final Future of Aviation Idea!

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This design is inspired by Texas-born Vincent Justus Burnelli. Early wind tunnel and flight testing of this design showed superiority in most areas compared to the tube and wing design. With new materials and design available today, this plane could be the final word in stusatainable flight for the next 100 years.

To list a few areas of note, this Lifting Fuselage design is more safe, simple, scalable and sustainable than any in flight or on the drawing board today, including the BWB.

Improvements in these areas:

Stronger cabin to protect occupants.
Survivability in emergency landings.
Survivability of small, on-board terrorist bomb.
Slower takeoff/landing speeds.
Engines placed away from wings/fuel.
Virtually eliminates engine bird strikes.
Inherent stability.

Manufacturing/labor costs cut in half.
Reduced need for control surfaces/systems.
Reduction in parts/weight through composites.
Body modification allows profitable supersonic flight.

From small UAV's to cargo to super/hypersonic
planes to reusable space planes. All can be
realized from this basic design.

This design appears to exceed requirements of
NASA's ERA (Environmentally Responsible
Aviation) Project.

Doubling fuel economy per passenger/cargo weight,
reducing costs, air traffic, noise and complexity
lead to higher profits, less pollution and lower fares.
All this would bring the industry back from the edge
that they now live on and allow sustainable growth.

What's not to like except the change. Nobody likes change but this is an essential change, a change that will only improve our world. The sooner the better. I'm workin' on it.


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    Creating new Burnelli Lifting Fuselage designs.
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    In 2006 I stumbled upon an airplane design that captivated my imagination. Called a Lifting Fuselage, it has all the advantages people have hoped for since the jet age began. This better, safer, cheaper to build, fly and maintain design inspired me to bring this design back into the light. See more at . This shows the only known RC of Vincent Burnelli's last design before his death in 1964, a giant, high speed airliner.
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