Electric Dryer Energy Saver

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This heat exchanger is designed for an electric dryer that is vented outside. It will capture 50 to 80 percent of the waste heat without venting the humidity inside. It is designed to be very fire resistant yet easy to build with wood working tools. It uses recycled aluminum drink cans and easy to obtain materials.

It can save as much as $ 200 per year or more on heat without venting excess humidity into the house. Cost to build can be under $ 150 or even less. Safety features are designed in. More information is on the back of the model. This model is very complete and dimensioned to common wood working sizes for minimum material waste.

Were this concept implemented in some form either separately or as an integrated unit in an electric clothes dryer there exists the potential to save upwards of a billion dollars worth of energy per year in the US alone. This is not the same as a condensing dryer and is much cheaper to implement. It uses no extra energy to operate, it only saves heat when required. It is not merely a design concept but a working and easily buildable design.

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